About Us

Safiya Nygaard is a YouTuber with over 9 million subscribers. She gained prominence through her work with BuzzFeed, creating the series LadyLike and is well-known for her perspectives on beauty, style, fashion, franken-art and weirdness. When she’s not sporting strange clothing items she discovers, such as 9-foot long jeans or clear pants, you can most likely find her cooking up a new batch of “franken” products. In her most popular YouTube series, “Bad Beauty Science,” she mixes together every Sephora lipstick into one “Mega Frankenphora Lipstick.” Safiya continues to share her ever-growing desire to melt things, creating many uniquely fiendish bath bombs and candles. 

Follow Safiya on YouTube @SafiyaNygaard.

History of the Brand

Many a lipstick have been chopped, melted, and reforged by Safiya’s hand, and their stories are a consistent theme throughout the Fiendish Behavior brand. There will be many more designs and products to come, but lipstick destruction is where we begin…  

Safiya chose to name the shop Fiendish Behavior because she is a fiend for things and loves to approach life with a mix of desire and rule breaking.



All Fiendish Behavior garments and accessories are prototyped, manufactured, stored, and fulfilled by Warren James team members in their Guangzhou, China Headquarters. 

Warren James has made a commitment to their employees who receive best in class wages, insurance, maternity leave, and a safe and clean work environment across the entire manufacturing and supply chain process. Our China team is very much part of the Warren James family. 

All fabrics and materials are also responsibly sourced and constructed with longevity in mind. We make garments that are built to last and we hope that you'll love them!