About Us

Safiya Nygaard is a YouTuber with over 9 million subscribers, whose multiple channels include all things beauty, style, fashion, and weirdness, with a dash of travel thrown in. Many a lipstick have been chopped, melted, and reforged by her hand, and their stories are a consistent theme with this Fiendish Behavior brand. There might be some other stuff thrown in down the line, but lipstick destruction is where we begin

Fiendish Behavior art is designed by Jordan Schneier. Check out more of her portfolio @thriftstorejor!

More About the Production Process:

All Fiendish Behavior garments and accessories are prototyped, manufactured, stored, and fulfilled by Warren James team members in their Guangzhou, China Headquarters. The entire manufacturing and supply chain process is carried out by Warren James employees who receive best in class wages, insurance, maternity leave, and a safe and clean work environment. Our China team is very much part of the Warren James family. All fabrics and materials are also responsibly sourced and constructed with longevity in mind. We make garments that are built to last and we hope that you'll love them!